Dick and Jane


Don’t do as I do

do it as I say

Is it a contradiction

Or is it hypocritical

I always get it twisted

& I did it my way

Sixty three times

Even though I’m not

I don’t have nine lives

But they kept

Sending me back

Till I got it rite

Don’t do it as I did

A gluten for punishment

A kinky hypocritical

Yes even a contro……..

A game with no rules

A broad with razor man

A foolish school

Hybrid hyena

Laugh out loud

Don’t do it as I did

Do it like I say


Well I made through the fire

Worked all day

From eight this morning to nine in the evening

That’s a full day

Something I have done in a real

Long time

I pushed myself

And I’ll feel it tomorrow

But everything worked real well


Now just in case your keeping track

It’s going to be nine months

In a few days

smoke fuvking free


Sheldon Kleeman @2016


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