Oh Pappa Why


Three Dr appointments

I tried to jam as much

As I could into this day

But was it wise

Now that’s a good question

By three o’clock this afternoon

I was wearing a heart monitor

I am so discouraged

My tears have tears

I been fighting this

With everything I got

But this is a topper

For me,I’m feeling

Like the back end of

A bad joke, lower than

Spit in a cup,the end

Of a bottle of gin

And the store is closed

Not fun at all,and last

Nite I was posting up till

Twelve thirty,tonite will

Be early,who knows what

Tomorrow will bring…….


6 thoughts on “Oh Pappa Why

  1. Don’t give up. Please hang in there. For your family. For yourself. Back in November 2008 at age 49 I had a stroke. Only a minor stroke but as I was in the E.R. of Roosevelt Hospital my Life literally did flash before my eyes and I realized how much I wanted to Live. Last year 2015 again I was in the hospital for a different issue. Another E.R. & another realization that I wanted to survive my two weeks in hell because that’s what the public city hospitals are various levels of Dante’s Inferno. I promised myself that if I survived Kings county hospital and I did that I would never return. I have not. You can make it!! Believe!!


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