Who’s this Tear


There are so many questions

I still have to ask,yet these

Particular one can’t be answer

Cause dad is gone,and family

Isn’t a source cause they

Don’t speak to me

I wish I was more inquisitive

But he wasn’t much of a talker

And what he did say wasn’t of

Any interest to me,he didn’t

Get me,and I could hear him

Towards the end his lite was on

But no one was home,kind of

Like my questions I have

Without answers aren’t really

Questions,my father wasn’t

And I wasn’t either,I’ll never

know him as well as I wish I did

and he’ll never know me

as I hoped he did


6 thoughts on “Who’s this Tear

  1. I feel you pain Sheldon, I never knew until my Father was about to die, that he loved me. We never ask the questions we want to, then suddenly its all too late. Now my eldest Son has the same problem, he often tells me his late Father never loved or liked him, the trouble was my late Husband was all over our youngest Son, not his fault of course. The Boys were only young when their Father died. I blame myself in one respect, I should ever have married a man 30 years older than me – Fathers and Sons!!

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