I was told by one

if I had people in my

Life that all would

Be better,if I fell in

Love the gates of life would

Open,only how does one

Fall when one has already

Fallen,I looked the other

Way as I got to my feet

And I saw her standing there

It seem simple yet

My people skills were rusty

And I was under the

Black clouds of Thorazine

Not a pretty sight

Never the less I

Fell once more

And it worked for

A while,till one

Day I was told

I was broken and

I couldn’t be fixed

Those words cut

Deep to my bone

It’s better to rust

Than it is fade…….

I took my place

Amongst the broken

Until I was less

Likely to fall again



6 thoughts on “Prescription

  1. Your words pierced my heart. Many times I feel I’ve been banished to the Island of Misfit toys. Long ago in a far away land I was embedded in the fog, haze and mist of various “Happy Pills.” But I escaped. They tried to recapture me last year but once again the Warrior in me arose and I beat down my foes and thus a better life was reborn.


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