Broken Wing


How did it feel for you

I know you can’t answer

But I know you can hear

All those words you said

To drive a wedge between……..

For you to feel superior

To have the upper hand

To rub my face in the dirt

Till I was unrecognizable

And you could say wash

Your face,as though I was……

How did it feel to constantly

Find fault in whatever I did

even in love my words were

Distant,and yours were

The arrows to pierce my

Heart,I never understood

Till is was too late,that I

was suppose to be the one

who was sick

the one you wanted to take care of

a bird with a broken wing



11 thoughts on “Broken Wing

  1. Sheldon, this touched my core and brought tears to me eyes. That mistreatment in early childhood, stays with you all your life, you can understand it, fight it, accept it ,share it…but it is there, there forever more. xx


  2. I can relate to this immensely…people have always kicked dirt in my face. So much so, that when I’m wounded, I refuse to say. People would pick me apart if I displayed any “weakness.”
    I crawl into my den and heal myself.
    “Doctor, heal thyself!” Those are the words I speak to myself when I’m hurting in any fashion.
    I have no rescue or solace unless I go inside. It’s always been that way, and always will be…so I understand. I just have nothing soothing to say, sometimes.

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