Dazed &……….


It’s those voices I hear

When I’m stressed

My source of anxiety

And panic,how real

It feels to be alone

Stuck in this

pattern of thought

There’s no one who

Knows better than…..

When you’re knee

Deep, is when you

Are most alone

Tears aren’t a release

they under score the pain

All I can do is write

To take away the


Of my pain,day in

and day out,you either

Walk the walk

Or sing to that

Voice inside your head


12 thoughts on “Dazed &……….

  1. Hang in there, my friend, I can attest to the efficacy of writing to maintain sanity; I’ve been doing that now for more than five years. Of course, my sanity still remains questionable, to some, but, I’m content… *grin*

    I read an article today at a friend’s site, that related some recent research that showed pretty conclusively that a positive outlook will help us live longer, by direct correlation. This ties in with the healing power of laughter, which I think we can all agree is our best defense against a great many ‘bad’ things in our lives….

    All that said, I wish I could help you to obtain a supply of Phoenix Tears, or Rick Simpson Oil, the essential oil made from cannabis. I’ve found that a half gram of that, taken daily, (by mouth, not smoked), controls my pain completely, as long as I am careful not to stress my body too much (can’t pretend I’m 25 anymore…). It does this better than opioids (Norco) ever did, & I was taking that for nearly 10 years… The cannabis works, and there are NO side effects… Well, one… it stimulates the body’s natural healing systems, so that most of the things wrong in the body get fixed, sort of a ‘clean up mode’. My vision is improved enough I no longer need glasses to drive, and my diverticulosis, which I’ve suffered from for 35 years, is improved to the point where I am able to maintain regularity without problems…

    It works. I might also add, it cured my older brother’s stage 3 cancer of the glands, in five months. He is now cancer free.

    Think about it, do a little research, then email me, & I can suggest ways to get it….

    Meantime, be well, & happy as you may….


    gigoid, the dubious

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