He’s twenty two

And he already knows

How to hate

It’s the new normal

And yes it’s normal

maybe not what you…….

But what someone fires

A gun

W/0 probable cause

Someone has to

Answer for their actions

Only now the answers

Weren’t what we

Hear it’s the bang of

The gun and it’s ok

People are no longer

Worth life

The way it once was

And not the  it’s hate

He’s 22 and life is over

because hate was more


Than life as

As he now is

The new normal


7 thoughts on “Norman

  1. Powerful words…sad, but true. Irrational hatred became an obsession, if you are speaking of whom which I think that you’re speaking of. He threw his life away instead of striving for something better.

    Hate is easy. Living, and loving, is the real challenge. Too many succumb to what is easier…

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