It take a miracle


His legs and feet was beyond aching

they felted like he had been walking all day

But in truth it had only been since his

car had broken down,he wasn’t sure

who’s shape was worst him or his car

this was to set the record straight

This trip was to end the final chapter

And start a new,but his life was Murphy’s

Law what can happen will happen,he could

See it over the hill,the sun gave him enough

to see the out line of the white picket fence

The rest was like his mind in the clouds

He kept saying just a few more steps

As he approached the fence his heart

began to race,he was sweating in anticipation

He could see each and every marker but the

One he had needed to see,this day plaque him

Like the day it had happened the death of

A salesman,his fathers last sale,he couldn’t go

Another step,luckily there was a tree for him to

Sit under he put his hands and cupped his eyes

the tears were his words,

the words he had been saving

To say goodbye

To the man he barely knew

But loved for his hands were

his fathers and this

was his final goodbye


5 thoughts on “It take a miracle

  1. I can definitely relate to this as my body needs a complete overhaul and frequent tune-ups. When I look into the mirror I see my parents. Sometimes I see my Dad but lately I’ve seen my Mom’s face looking back at me.


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