Busy Signal


I stood dead eye straight

Yet life turned away

Giving me the cold…….

What was I suppose

To do after giving

My all to this


Being as responsible

As one could at sixty three

But LIFE plays hard to get

And I am just plain tried

Why must there still

Be games to play

When I don’t feel to play

Hidden rules

Words I just don’t understand

Life smiles one minute

The next it’s all out war

Too much to understand

I just want some peace and quiet

And life with its infinite wisdom wants noise


12 thoughts on “Busy Signal

  1. Most people seem to desire chaos and noise, and create it in order to get attention. I like peace, quiet, and serene solitude…and the people who create those peaceful, quiet, serene, and solitary places with pictures and / or words.
    Lovely post, Sheldon.

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