Losing Edge

I forgot to move the laundry

Forgetting is happening

More and more

Like trying to

find your keys

When you have to leave

it’s not easy anymore

panic has become

A rule of thumb

And I need to go into

Town to  my


And I can’t seem

to reckon with

The situation

W/0 the fear

I hate this

Life I’m living

Now when

Its a losing edge

Especially when you

Need each and every

Tool available

I’m sucking on

Stale air waiting

Waiting for



To come


6 thoughts on “Losing Edge

  1. Know this feeling. And I’ve had a moment yesterday, picked up a red-hot ceramic baking dish set on the counter to put it back in the oven – forgot and used my bare hands. Burned fingers. Felt stupid (Not to mention broken dish on the floor plus dinner where I dropped it). Let’s keep going and do it together in the blog world, I’m game if you are.

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