Holy Chicken


To remember what I just………

Like looking for your



Only to find

There in your


That one you never use

Age has its way

With you raping

Your mind

Stealing your innocence

It’s beyond trauma

How age steals

What we all

Once had at our

Finger tips

But now

It’s a fanatic

Race with time


6 thoughts on “Holy Chicken

  1. I’m finding that I have to laugh when I have those moments. I have just turned into my mother. This morning, I can’t my headset for my phone. I’m going to have to walk around with my phone on bluetooth discovery to find it maybe. I’ll probably just plug in my spare and use that until the other one appears in the place I looked ten times. Maybe my three year old has it. Right? I put it in a safe place, but can’t remember where the safe place is. ha ha ha.

    Thanks for telling me we’re lost together in the fog of middle age.

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