Life has this hard exterior

Sometimes this hard

exterior is not easy to


A shell is sometimes


But at others…….

There are so many


At times,you

Feel like a child

Asking why

With that hard

Exterior,that shell

Comes vulnerability

Come death

You are left

A wantsome

With tears of questions

how,how could he have

Left w/0 me getting

A chance to say


Yet I know he’s

Here because of

His strong presence

He had in life

There isn’t any


For his person

Only comes maybe

Once in life

I had that once

But not that


This was a

Lesson for me

Something I

Had to go through

Again and again

for the heroes

Are a blessing

& they were never meant to stay




4 thoughts on “Wantsome

  1. Oh Sheldon, this left a lump in my throat. I really believe our vulnerability shouldn’t stop us from being who we are with those we care about. Life is hard and harsh but we need to fight hiding who we are. Our vulnerabilitit’s are our strength x


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