Don’t ask


Constructive criticism

Is one way to look

At someone’s work

Or just hit the like

Button,relate to

personal experience

Can only be another

Way to compliment

Then there are those

Who vanish off

The face of the earth

Life doesn’t give a


Only the stats

Tell you if you

Won or lost

Time takes patience

Do you lose your edge

or do just get better


Some how you’ll

Never know

Cause you

Are the only



5 thoughts on “Don’t ask

  1. Yes, that is troublesome for any writer…thousands of books sold but rarely any personal contact with a reader…same of course with blogging!!! I am glad I ‘found’ you as your posts make me think! (rare occurrence) . I like getting likes on my blog, hunger for more!! but will not succumb to taking photos to increase the ‘likes’ yet!

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