Barrel of Monkeys


I’ve been trying so hard not to shut down

Christ I hadn’t really done any art

And my writing is the only thing

Save my tired ass,it seems like every

Time I turn it’s because I faced with

Another challenge,I have to go on

this heavy duty medicine,my condition

Is so that I don’t have a choice,I don’t

Want to go I to the why’s and wherefore

I’ve been ducking this for a while now

Time has run out and I don’t have a choice

Ok, ok I hear you

You really want to know don’t  you

Ok I have psoriasis over ninety

Percent of my body and it itches

So,plus it does stuff to your insides

I’ve never talked about this before

It’s hard on me,all this craziness

My tears have tears,and my fight

Is at an all time low,as I said I am

Trying so hard not to shut down

So I’m unloading this shit before…….

I always say if my  speaking can

Help someone who is going through

Something like what I’m going through

And I can help,then all of this is not

For not,I’m tired guys,and I have

Dr appointments again tomorrow

I got to go to sleep

As Sheldon Always



11 thoughts on “Barrel of Monkeys

  1. Speaking out and not suffering is silence is always worth it. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable you feel in mind and body. I’ve had ezcemea over the years -not sure it is even related (escept it appears on the skin) and it drives me nuts, I bleed and it hurts and anxiety makes it wrose. Sending you healing energy.,my friend x

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  2. I’m so very sorry to hear this, my friend, and do truly hope and pray your doctor’s appointment goes well. Most of all, of course, I hope and pray they can help you! Hang in there, Sheldon; you are definitely not alone ~ lots of folks in your corner! You are and will be in my thoughts and prayers!

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