Just The Facts

Pain come in two doses

Sometimes it may be….

Than other it also may…….

Pain is a teacher

As well as a taker

A well learned lesson

Will teach you life that

Does not discriminate

Pain is patient and it

Will come to those who wait

But as all good lessons

The student must decide

Will it be the lesson to learn

Or will be be the pain

Of not listening to a

Lesson that should be learned



7 thoughts on “Just The Facts

  1. Been there, done that, still selling t-shirts… Good one, and, ‘truer words’…. From my personal experience, I’ve come to two basic points to remember… First, an old axiom, to wit: “True freedom is the release from pain.” Second, I’ve come to realize pain is our best teacher, though seldom our favorite…. It only speaks one language; reality.

    Essential oil of cannabis, I have found, also from personal experience, very nearly lives up to its sobriquet, i.e., Phoenix Tears. Not only does it give complete and comprehensive relief from the worst pain, but, also enhances the body’s own healing and immune systems, to the point of protection from diseases thought to be incurable (cancer, for one; epilepsy, for another…), as well as helping fix whatever may be injured, or dysfunctional. My vision has improved enough, I no longer need glasses to drive. It is killing a large wart on my hand. And, the bowel disease I’ve suffered for 35 years now is steadily improving, including regular and easy movement, a former infrequent occurrence….Not only is my pain (degenerative arthritis & numerous injuries…) controlled, the arthritis itself is getting better, allowing me to walk distances I once thought no longer possible…

    For pain, it works way better than the opioids to which Big Pharma/AMA had me addicted to for 9 years, with no risk of side effects, not even in the long run, as opposed to opioid’s risk of numerous deadly SE’s with such use….

    Get thee to where you can get it, bro; it will change everything….


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