Shine on brightly


And so the story goes

That once a life shine

It can be transformed

But in that transformation

Does that life change

Once a spirit moves

The body of lite can change

Life is so precious

For once it’s in

Your fist it stays

In your hand

I will miss you

In the physical

Sense,but life

Can never,for

When we met

The soft spoken

Word became

a never ending



9 thoughts on “Shine on brightly

  1. …a never ending


    So moving in the fantasy romantic sense, so true in the death and redemption sort of thing and so frustrating in the “Groundhog Day” point of view.

    I love your poetry Sheldon because I don’t understand most of it but it just resonates. I seldom even know what I’ve read but it always makes me feel. So fleeting that I can’t really remember the feelings but I feel.


  2. This is one of the times I wish I had a larger monitor so I could see the image and the poem side by side. “Once was future” in the image seems integrated into the poem.

    You give so much time to your art. 🙂 I love the figures emerging from the hands. I need to spend some time on this one. You’ve got layers, Sheldon.

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