The dream


The dream was so

That when I woke

it physically hurt

I can’t explain it

Any other way

That it cross

The threshold

And I felt this

Dream when I



I had ones

Where my body

Jolts and I wake

Up,that’s another

Kind of pain

I wish I had

Some more


Have always cause

Me to question

It’s just professionally

Those don’t put as much

Weight on it as I do



6 thoughts on “The dream

  1. I prefer the dreams where you wake refreshed and comforted but I can’t even remember when I had the last one. Most days I awake tensed and dreading as I did today and so frustrated that I couldn’t speak in my very last dream and therefore could not explain. Most of my dreams deal with doing almost the same thing over and over yet never getting it rite.
    At least I don’t wake up crying so much anymore, I save that for the daylight hours.~~dru~~

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