Who’s the boss


Every one is talking at once

Quite frankly no one is listening

I sitting here out of my mind crazy

The TB is on again,this is going

To take me out,the snow is coming

I get claustrophobic when this

Happens,why is this happening

One Dr says I don’t have it the other

One says I do,the pharmacy won’t

Fill my meds cause it’s a day early

Thank god I have enough to get

Me though ,I want

To cry but i

can’t find the tears

I am so anxious rite now my

Heart is in my throat,I can feel

The snow in the air and so the feeling grows


13 thoughts on “Who’s the boss

  1. I’m glad you have enough meds to get you through; I know how frustrating that can be … and, of course, I hope the first doctor is right and you DON’T have TB! Stay safe and blessings to you, my friend!

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  2. Hugs to you Sheldon! It is so hard to get doctors to listen, talk to each other and create a treatment plan. Advocating for self is exhausting. I have a doctor in a big city, a therapist close by, a general practitioner two cities away, a specialist in the next county, another specialist two counties over. I’ve spent what felt like years finding competent doctors, who listen. Then one retires, one moves away, one doesn’t see patients outside the hospital, so I see his father.

    I feel for you. I have been there. Different illness, but fighting for self care is all you can do sometimes. You sound like you’re handling it. I’m on the “Go Sheldon!” team.

    Take care,

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