3am my time


Cage by his age

Define by his reality

Barely a fist for his hand

Always guided by the image

His understanding

The reason

He will walk in his

Shoes as well as

Another,his man

Child is his companion

The light in his eyes

is as real as the sun

The power to cage

Is as much as to

Let him be free

He lives from

Memory to

Memory, not define

By one reality

But A Seeker of

His redefined



5 thoughts on “3am my time

  1. Hi Sheldon, hope you’re doing as well as possible under the circumstances.
    What happens now the doctors know that you have it?

    I’m so concerned for you! Are you in pain? Are you in the hospital? Stay in touch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going to see the infectious diseases
      Dr,no pain but I am very uncomfortable
      No hospital,my noise is really stuffed my chest is tight,everything just seems out of place thank you for asking


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