Being sick is never easy

Especially when your

Young trying to under

Stand what your body

Is doing and why

It always seems to happen

On Saturday when the guys

call to see if I want

To go to the movies,all I got

Was strawberry jello

And a shot of penicillin

From Dr Einhorn


12 thoughts on “Jello

  1. awww sheldon, i feel for you. i’m not young, but i still experience a lot of the same feelings, wondering what the hell my body is doing.
    i’ve missed so many social occasions from being sick or social anxiety.

    i know it’s not the same, but being on social media sites and talking to your online friends is a pass time. not as exciting, but we’re here just the same.
    much love sheldon, hang in there. ❤

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      1. Nice! I am well. Exhausted myself a little yesterday doing too many “things.” But went to bed early and had a good day. Especially good when it ends with painting! We have temps that feel like PA in the spring, a little warmer, but not as hot as it will be this summer. Ugh. I dread that. Enjoy the abundant sunshine! Giving my regards to you and PA

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