Judge Wapner


Unresolved issues

Talking out loud


Taking to yourself

Time and time again

Even dreams are a

Way to work

Issues out

Your not fully


Or fully awake

Yet getting out

Of bed is to

Carry this

Heavy load

No time left

For anyone else

They just don’t

Understand crazy

Questioning the questionable

Desperately wanting

An understanding

To the underlying problem

Causes and effects

Who will stop

this quiet storm

Still unresolved issues

Intelligent answers

A conversation with a crazy man is a conversation with ones self


3 thoughts on “Judge Wapner

  1. Ugh! Dealing with the medical profession can be an exercise in futility. I was supposed to have my check up today but earlier in the week the doctor cancelled on me. Doctors offices make it very difficult to get an appointment especially for working people like myself. Instead of reducing stress seeing or trying to see the doctor can be just as frustrating as the health issue that you’re dealing with. I’ve become so fed up with our modern UnHealth care system that I’m going the holistic route. My prayers are with you Brother Sheldon.


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