Pretzel Logic


Is there a pretzel picture here

Am I not seeing the twisted and turned

Then baked,so that I my

Eat my favorite part the

Knot,let the salt drop where

It may,that  with a water ice

Chasers,you would think

That I would have moved

On,but no I’m addicted to

Sugar,just as any other

Addict,accept for is my

Choice of drug,chocolate

Is running through my

Veins,pretzel picture

The one thing I didn’t

Want to become,I am

Twisted and baked

it’s now pretzel logic



6 thoughts on “Pretzel Logic

  1. I too am twisted, baked, and tied in a knot just not as eloquent. My diabetes is in direct conflict with my chocolate cravings yet I try to cut down on that but I just can’t give up my salt not the BP can some days go through the roof. TaH Sheldon keep on with your poetry it seasons my days.
    hee hee hee

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