Stage Rite


You’ve been kind

You’ve very supportive

You’ve encouraged

Me when I couldn’t

Find it myself,I am

In so much pain,I’ve

Got a whole in my

Sinuses, a deviated


Nose bleeds and

My stomach is acting up

Again,there’s a dark

Cloud over my head

No matter how hard

I try,I know I’m fighting

A good fight there’s no

One who can take that

Away from me,this month

Is a year that I’ve been going

Through this Hell,this month

Is a year smoke free,you

Can’t knock a man

who is down and

Refuses to fall,you surely

Can’t count him out

For once a man is in

The square circle

He’s neither down

Or out,he’s the man


8 thoughts on “Stage Rite

  1. This poem has encouraged me to think about a post, I’ll do in a while. Thank you for the inspiration Sheldon my friend and my encouragement to you in all your suffering, you’re the MAN. ~~dru~~


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