Mother Brakes&Speed


She was just lying there

Nothing left,she had stop

Eating and talking

Just tombstones in

Her eyes,it’s sad when

They give up,when all

The strength leaves their

Body,a shell of the woman

She once was,she was my

Pillar now I was hers,only

She and I knew this,the rest

Of them had shut me out

I couldn’t contain myself

I was on a roll,devouring

Anything that would numb

The pain,hers and mine

Life seems more meaningless

When your mother is dying

Right before your eyes,she was

The one who champion me

When I was fighting,now

The rolls reversed,the party

Was over and all she did

Was listen to death as it called

The words are flowing today

So I’ll write till they stop

The Sheldon Perspective 2017


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