It’s a slow walk

A crawl,one arm

Tied behind my

Back,the other

Is being bent

Against my will

They are torturing me

All i’s in life,cutting

Off the air supply

Asking for money

I don’t really owe

Karma for all those

Awful things I’ve

Done,in my past

Lives,or is my

Number is being called

I dialed his number but

his line is constantly busy

How does all the good

I’ve done with the

Little I have had be cancelled

Out by all the bad,I’m

Tired and I can’t keep

Up,the second round of

Steroids,while I sit here

With my heart in my mouth

Gone in sixty seconds

With a lifetime that it

Took to write,happy

Endings and Donna

Reed only happen in

Holly-weird and the price

To watch is at an all time high

Yes God dam it

Yes I’m falling off

My horse


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