Let take this time to welcome back my

Good friend and follow blogger Matt

His site is thebookblogger2014 He is everything  literary,unfortunately his

Studies called  him away from blogging and now he is back. We do this

Flash fiction using music as our staring off point the song is Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Ray from the Disney movie Malfficent

So without further a do

Alfonso drum roll please

“Once upon a dream”

Recklessly wanting life

Once upon a dream

I sort all the wrong avenues

Took the roads for granted

All the red lights were green

And all the greens lights meant more

Room to live recklessly

Once upon a dream

Still I wanted life

The red

The green

There were parts I couldn’t see

It was late one night

After I tied the knot real tight

I fell into exhaustion

In that sleep l found

more than just a dream

My questions become answers

They pointed in a new direction

Once upon a time

And so the story goes

The dream opens into the light

For once upon a


There is another


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