I can smell in the air

I can taste in my mouth

The certainty of life

As the bombs dropped

From the air,we are all

Victims of happenstance

As we stand with our backs

Against the wall,how can this be

The rat and his cheese

You see, once you digress

& take on Life in the wild

The rat will always rear it’s head


7 thoughts on “Aspergrass

  1. Shelton
    Yes my emails sound like a delirious person, in this case my will to shut the Stalker down. Twenty years ago I was paralyzed in fear, being so young I could not see right in front of me. This time I understand the Psychology and have nothing to lose.

    Like your post you were committed to surviving the war, Stalkers if deviant will kill you or worse.
    I’m touched you noticed it looked like the wheels came off. For me, actions speak louder than words. People I thought would comment didn’t. You’re showing your big heart!
    Happy Easter

    Liked by 1 person

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