Old friends


I hate it,hate is such a strong word,and

Loath is too tame,But given the circumstances ,yes I know we’ve

Talked but it fits like a glove,and cold too considering

What I am  going through, you would be too under the same set of cir -cumstances ,anxiety Its never pretty

Or comfortable as a label,heart pounding in your head,ears ringing like

A phone in need of answering, god dam world is going down the tubes,and now I am the tube with it’s liquid running through my system, free floating anxiety, you pick the subject and you become the problem, why settle for one when you can have them ………


7 thoughts on “Old friends

  1. I was there….my nerves were on fire. Of all the rhythms around me I could hear only one…the sirens everywhere matched by the silent screaming inside me. But I kept my eyes open all those months. Eyes open for the back beat, the pulse I knew was there even if I’d lost it. My heart was beating, wasn’t it? I thought I was in a race and quickly falling behind. It felt like it…The sun came up, the sun went down…same old same old.

    But then the subtleties started to come in…things I wasn’t noticing…couldn’t see for all the racket of the continual explosions of cortisone and adrenaline. The subtleties…they became my drug…The meek shall inherit the earth. Now I see only the strongest among us can claim this. Love you Sheldon…. I do….as always, Jana

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