Radio head


What choice do I have

It’s not a game,I just

Can’t stop because

I’m losing,take the

Game somewhere

Else,cause the sore

Is not in my favor,

Even the home

Court average

Is just a way

of psyching your

Opponent out

I’ve waited till I

was the last one to

Be picked,I cried

Because I didn’t

Have the skills

To play,being

The odd man out

So they could have

Something to laugh


Isn’t a score nor


Is to live,to fight

Another day


2 thoughts on “Radio head

  1. Shelton
    The words are appropriate for my life right now. I’m feeling strong enough to get out of bed and believe the Stalker has shown themselves. Very happy at this point nothing taken and used like cc or social. It doesn’t mean In the future I’ll have to keep eyes open. Being sick to breaking point, depression crushing me and fighting to live I couldn’t handle a stalker, the Staler 20+ years ago had me paralyzed for six years, it’s a complex stress to deal with.
    I have talked with them many times this weekend and think my prime suspect is who, I have to decide what.
    Hoping your feeling better, the doctors need to get you well!


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