FFF38 New


Ladies and gentlemen

It’s that time of the

Week,where I get

To take a song and

Twist it till I can’t

Hear it sing

This week it’s New World Coming

By Ben Wallifisch and Disa

My friend Matt,thebookblogger2014

Is the captain of this ship

And as a seaman it’s my job

To break the rules

So without further ado

Alfonso drum roll please

“New World Coming”

In strength there is a weakness

Painted in all the colors,mostly black

I can’t write the words anymore

That’s why I use a crayon

Brunt toast and curdled eggs

If I realized life was……

I would only use only black crayon to color

And relied only on my faults & weakness


10 thoughts on “FFF38 New

  1. That’s an interesting piece. If there’s weakness in strength, is there also strength in weakness? If the toast’s not too burnt, we can scrape it off. Not a lot to do about the eggs, though 😭


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