You gotta fight for

What’s important

Like life & family

Green apples

& quick stick

Life is for ever

Turning it’s dime

How one minute

Your riding shot

Gun,& the next

Your in the

back seat

Green apples

& quick stick

That rug that

Says welcome

Is getting pulled

Out from

under your feet

Life will always

Challenge you

To fight even

Though you’ll

Want to quit

So when you

See that green

Apple make sure

It’s a quick stick


2 thoughts on “Loretta

  1. Sheldon, I am a big fan of everything you write, and then every now and then there is something that just has that extra bonus punch….I can’t put it into words exactly, but this posting had a wow factor for me. Stay the course, Harlon

    Liked by 1 person

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