Shake it


No one knows the struggle

Unless you have your

Own to defend,no one

Knows the faces I scream

When they call

out my name

I’ve written about my

Demons so many times

That opinions are like

The darkness,nite

After nite,rite now

I’m twix and tween

Because my body is

Asking me which

Way to mortality

Dazed and confused

I seek refuge from

This quiet storm

In hopes that the

Ground I walk

Is just a little

Higher than before

The devil wants it

Black,and I want

It straight up

So to the one

Who pours shake

It but don’t stir


8 thoughts on “Shake it

      1. My mother-in-law passed away almost 10 days ago. The time leading up to her death from cancer had been difficult. She was the picture of health. Cancer eats you up; then spits you out; barely clinging to life and only a shadow of who you once were. I know she now travels in a happier place.

        It’s always a relief to be back at WP. Thanks for asking, my love.


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