FFF39 Everything


It’s that time of the week,when I get to stretch my wings

It’s flash fiction and this week it is a song by Kodaline

Everything Works Out In The End,of course our host is Matt

His blog thebookblogger2014 he is everything literary and

Always has a book or two that he believes is worth reading

Please be ever so kind and visit him………

So without further ado

Alfonso drum roll


Even though it’s risky

It’s a fight worth fighting for

Life will nickel and dime just because it can

People will speak the words you don’t always want to hear

An unsolicited opinion not worth the air they breath

It’s always a fight even when the ring is square

Even though it’s risky

Everything works out in the end


10 thoughts on “FFF39 Everything

  1. What a gorgeous, but gorgeous cut-out and very wise words as so often, Yes, it is always a fight, I am now starting to doubt that these things are worth fighting for . In order to fight, you have to know that you have been told the truth…a shaky subject at the best of times.

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