Mystery Bloggers Award


Mystery Bloggers Award

Jennifer my friend and fellow blogger nominated me for the Mystery Bloggers Award,there always seem to be a few who can pick my spirits up when I am down and Jennifer happens to be one of the few,the rest of you will just have to guess who may be the rest. Jennifer has a great gift of drawing,she does comic strips,and does it with such…….there is no one who could match is her sight,please do me and check her out. I’ve been on this kick lately of writing these knobs that are just enough for someone to grab and think about,so this is for Jennifer and anyone else who might happen along

So without further ado

Alfonso drum roll


It’s hard to keep

The small stuff

In front of your

Eyes,when life

Commands the

Big stuff all the time

As long as your card

Come out of the deck

That is being played

With,then what


Does It make

You can tell the

Age of life by

The graying

Of its hair

The evil is equal

to the soul

that was taken

If you can’t think


Keep a high thought





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