I’m caught in the middle

of a ranging storm

Who’s hurricane is this,

was it by design, Yes I’m alive

And living in its wake,waiting

To touch down while there’s

Still a chance to be……

It’s a hard fight but it’s the

Only one I know,corners

Don’t come cheap,living

In close quarters……..with

A black marble in each fist

Shit flyin by a fan tryin to find

The wall,who do you know who

Wants To live for the rest of

Their life with a wet brain

Cause they took too many

Shots to their head,living

In the middle of a hurricane

Is not a storm but a way of

LIFE ,and I the seeker

For these answers

To the untold mysteries

Of this my Quiet Storm

Sorry guys I’ve been isolating

Too much is going on

And I feel at times like

Sticking my head in the

Sand hoping it will go

Away,but it’s not and it’s

Only getting worst

A pitty party is one

That you don’t want

To get invited to but

There’s always

a crowd

if you want OnE


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