Me 2


Off in a distant I could hear

That voice that sounded so familiar

But I still  haven’t found…

I’ve Faced decision

I’ve walked in question

Paved in desolation

Rows and rows of people

All who once came&

They did cheer

Now it’s all silent with empty seats

63 yrs not to this date but never the less

Life is not written

First you must live

Words are spoken

But you must first learn

I still haven’t found …..

Street smarts is different than book smarts,still I get jeered cause…

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

She has been with me some

15 yrs,the only one who truly understood, she got it from day 1,encourage, not discourage

This is the only evidence that closes one book,only to open yet another

As I being me, insatiable,and with passion

The grand design has spoken

W/0 questions

But I still haven’t

found what

I’m looking for


9 thoughts on “Me 2

  1. Shelton
    Great graphics by the way. I consider you a friend, we’ve been honest with each other. You’ve were blessed with love and four beautiful daughters. It’s grief we go thru when we lose a love. Under you rough and tumble exterior, there is a beautiful man how touches my heart. When you open your heart and share with use, I see what I believe is the real Shelton. At 53 I’ve adjusted my reality on what is old, old is how you feel not a number. You a strong man, I am confident with your depression under control a beautiful world would open before you. I rarely take time to write so you know how special you are to me.

    Liked by 1 person

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