What was once innocence

Becames tall, dark,and ugly

Ordinary was once a brown

Paper bag that mom would

Pack your sandwich ,a happy

Time in the middle of the

Day called lunch,then out

Of nowhere life does this

Massive shift and the

once ordinary becomes


And ugly,life goes from

One extreme to another

As though someone is

Playing with the water

And it suddenly becomes

A cold shower,you’re

Already late as it is

One leg shorter than

The other,pants that

only fit in certain places

Bags of skin,better

Known as fat appears

Out of nowhere,breakfast

Becomes a smorgasbord

And you can’t get enough

To eat, ravenous,a lb.of bacon

A cup of joe,till it’s all yours

Who needs toast,when

Darkness is on the edge

Once you were a person

Of distinction now you

Become life’s next victim


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