I came for



Your the one rotten

Apple that spoil the……

But hey how long did

You hang before the

Rot settled in, a

positive apple is

One that shines

No need to be rubbed

Just an apple from

A mother’s eye

A positive apple

Is a an attitude

With a bite, your

Sweetness is my

Weakness and

Maybe your just

That positive apple

The one of my eye


2 thoughts on “I came for

  1. A positive apple is a an attitude with a bite…. My favorite line in your poem. It’s fascinating that apples can be the lovely ones centered around a mother’s universe, or one truly rotten to the core. Ha! It’s always the apples that look beautiful on the outside that fool me. One bite, and you see the worm. I always am for a wild ride reading you, Shel. xo

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