Let’s ………

20151226_011015 I don’t have the luxury

Of throwing one back

Swinging from the chandelier

Dancin till all the hours were

Mine,those days were sweet

Regardless of there outcome

Dancing with all, not just one

It’s all gone now,and a good

Time is dinner and a movie

linguine in white clam sauce

Extra garlic, al dente and a

Tear or two by the end….

I am a hopeless romantic

See it’s not all a brown

Paper bag,plain and

Unassuming ,I just

Can’t throw one back

Like I did……

Ahh those good old days



4 thoughts on “Let’s ………

  1. I love this so much, Sheldon..ohh the good old days..gone for me as well…but the current ones are not so bad either…both have their own appeal…all how you look at the wrapping..love, love this!


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