Out of touch


You’re not alone

Yet you feel alone

Where is life in all

Your loneliness

People drift apart

The phone stops

Ringing,you are

Not alone yet you

Feel,where is life

In all of your loneliness

Even with a roof over

Your head,food in the

Refrigerator,no one

Is hocking you for

Money,yet the silence

Is deafening,you hear

Your neighbors phone

Ringing and you’re

Patiently waiting

Writing is all well

And good,but you need

Contact,not screen time

They dropped like flies

All at once,you try to

Regroup but in all

This takes time,your

Body forgets as well

As the mind,life is

Different than it once

Was,whom is pointing

Their finger and shaking

Their heads,the ones

Who are smiling

And saying they

are your friends



2 thoughts on “Out of touch

  1. Well expressed, and it is sad but true. Communication, as we’ve known it, is dead. It’s now texting or sending an email. Cold and impersonal. At least there are emojis to express our feelings, right? Ha! 🙄


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