Frankly Speaking


What appears to be black and white

Is not,held in your hands of confusion

You are fustrated because the sight is

Your sore eyes that are not speaking

Couch in your own indifference,

the matter is now a lost cause


One thought on “Frankly Speaking

  1. Sheldon, You are never a lost cause no matter the pain or depression. People love you, you love them. I know you sick and sick of being sick. I keep you in my prayers and think of you often. Maybe it’s time to get on your knees if haven’t already and talk to God. He doesn’t unfold the story of why or how. Ask for direction, help on your journey and thank him for all the blessings you’ve received in your life. Four daughters, the love in your life family and most importantly yourself. Ask God to help you help you love yourself, to rest when needed without anger or guilt. Ask for the right team of doctors to steer your way. Just a suggestion because I do care, you also used my middle name in your post.


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