Sitting on the edge of my seat

I have no clue as to how the movie is,just what l’ve heard,patiently i wait,as l slowly get into the movie,there was a time when I  use to go to the movies for the popcorn but now i have to mortgage the house,that’s if you want a snack,no cell phones, no talking,there are rules of engagement, To buy a ticket which costs more than the gross national debt, just to watch what I’m not sure of


2 thoughts on “Corvair

  1. I stopped going to the theatre to watch movies after “E.T.” It was pricey enough back then, and there was so much noise from members of the audience who were there for another reason, that I missed most of the dialogue and didn’t truly “see” the film till it came out on VHS and I watched it at home. Plus, the snacks at home were more reasonably priced!

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