20170703_050114 flower

pots sitting on a shelf outside the door resting nicely on the terrace ,what happen next was unforeseen,a cold strong wind came a blowing,and took the flower pots hostage,leaving terra-cotta pieces on the ground outside the door resting nicely,life hasn’t any conscious,it’s only fear is you,constantly resting on the self beyond the door,it’s not ours to question life’s intentions,the only question should be,is why the



4 thoughts on “Dribble

  1. Sheldon
    I love the art, serene, calm and reflective. I’m thinking of you often, praying your health is improving. Not leaving comments so your burden doesn’t get heavy. Know I’m here everyday, reading and believing in you. You are stronger than you know.
    Hugs and a room overflowing with balloons!

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