The Ostrich


There’s always choices

Even when you think

They don’t exist,funny

As…..,that is a choice too

You choose to over

Think it,you choose

To deny,you choose

To argue with your

Self even when you

Know you’re wrong

Laying face down on

The floor sucking dust

Is a position of denial

For when you choose

To get up,you see

You will still have to

Deal with the situation

Even when you choose

To stick your head into the sand


2 thoughts on “The Ostrich

  1. There is no such thing as a situation without a choice. It is just sometimes the choices are not between good and bad but between bad and worse.


  2. Yea, either we choose this or we are forced somehow to choose the other..all depending on our nature but yes, you seem to HAVE to do something..or is it possible to just drift? (that is probably a choice too!) xx


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