Weather Vein


Its a tease

&they called

It life 101

You are not

Given a choice

Hidden on the

Inside till mama

Pushes you out

Its suppose to

Be a team effort

Till the team is

Disbanded, owner

Of a lonely life

Its a test you are

Bound to fail,study

The #’s, study the

Words,color w/in

The lines,not a black

Crayon,all the colors,

No tears,no fears,a

Teacher gives an “A”

As well as you could failed

Supports were counseling,

Dyslexia,walking in your

Sleep,munchausen, ill by

Association, back then they

Didn’t know,unfortunately

Either did you,it was

all a tease,orange soda

Saturday afternoon

and dad always knew

The right guy to

buy the rejects

Tastey Cakes Jr.



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