“Read at your own risk” sympathy for the devil a cruel,but usual passed,not with hands but by abuse sincerely yours a family with ties but one who’s  needs were never met,a matriarch of sorts,a queen “b” she was this grand center of attention and she took all of it to heart certain people thrived while others never understood sympathy for the devil a grave &usual passed,never sure of burying the abuse,the skelton lives in a darker closet


This needed to come out

This one is personal

Sorry for the graphic detail

Abuse is never pretty


8 thoughts on “?????

  1. We hide too much for too long, most people do not like to hear the Truth, but speak out we have to any abuse is wrong whether physical or mental abuse is wrong. What some Mothers can do to a Child/young person lives with them for the rest of their lives, we are never Free, we have to talk. Take care and thinking of you dear Friend, love Anna.

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