I Feel


No one likes to live in the shadows

Especially when there is an illness

Calling out your name,I just read

Sinead OConnor is living under

A cloud of depression, my heart

Sank,as it does most,these days

When loneliness calls your

Name and you listen to the

Voices because their is no

One else who will listen,she’s

Tired and confused,frustrated

That aren’t people in her life

That care enough to hear her

Words,that’s exactly how it

Feels like when you are walking

The path of mental illness,its

Still is not being talked about

Enough,they rather speak of

Curing Alzheimer, something

Other then…….this is wrong

We are losing the fight,we

Are losing soldiers who need

To be on the front lines,Dr

Who want their good names

Instead of having patients

Who have crossed the finish line

Have realized their potential

& Not the stigma of this disease


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