Thousand More


There are thousand ways to listen   With a thousand more to play   Yet there is nothing more compelling   When I play that song “they way we were tonight”   For me,there are a thousand different reasons that I’m not the man I use to be   Yet there are a thousand more I am just the same   I want to find what’s missing,life is just not that way   the tune I am playing it sounds so familiar though the name escapes me even when I use to know…..whats familiar is now foreign   it happens way to often these days that I forget what I want to remember    going out of the room just so I can remember why I came in in the first place   a tin ear can sing,but will there be ones who will still listen    you can count on what you want to count

” But there are still a thousand different reasons   with a thousand more”

Vacation is coming to a close

Bad knee and all still not shabby for all the words I wrote and all the new pictures I made


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