Way St


I’ve been alot of pain

Despite my best efforts

Thankfully I made it home

In one piece yesterday, now

Comes the hard part,the orthopedist

My appointment is this afternoon

I’ve used this one before he’s

A no nonsense kind of Dr

With the bedside Manor of

A customer who had a fight

With the sales mgnt and won

1:00 this afternoon it’s 4:56am

states side I slept well but

On the couch since there

Is a stair way to the second

Floor…… I want to put the trash

Out but can’t, we’ll I’m a klutz

I can’t risk the slightest wrong

Move, that’s how bad I feel

Right now ,I’m passed sympathy,

Empathy,I feel isolated,this vacation

Sucked the big one,I really needed

It to work,but instead I drove a

Hard bargin to lying flat on

My back,I’m so over this…….

I can’t seem to find my way home.



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