I’ve got to spell it the way it sounds,that’s how I was taught, but no,it would be much easier to slap a label on it and be done,it sounds again as I spell,but life is not that way,a definition with subsections, a complexity that most people shy away from,not me I’m the balancer,a party of worlds, yesterday meets today,baring obsesion & rumination I was suppose to bury the dead,the gone of yesterday to move,again life….. what life encompasses is the space I have inhabit 9×5 room I call my mind,this is my………..

This is the space of the rest of my existence, this is my life,once I buy a label,it’s a word I will always misspell

Sorry I’ve haven’t been around to visit as much as I like there’s to much going on rite now,big hugs and love

As Sheldon Always


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